Ron Davis

Why have a Tarot Reading?

Scepticism is both reasonable and understandable

Many people are sceptical about the potential benefit of a tarot reading, because they tend to be more practical in their day to day lives. Without having any experience with a tarot reading this scepticism is both reasonable and understandable.

If you have things happening in your life that you would like to change, you have nothing to lose by having a tarot reading and seeing what is possible.

Tarot reading does not predict the future, and it does not mean that your life is predestined. It does not relieve you of any responsibility or control over what might happen to you in the future.

You can have a tarot reading, leave and think nothing of it, maybe nothing will change in your life. But, during a tarot reading, you will be given information that you may find informative and useful, and if you let it, could help you to make decisions that lead to wonderful improvements in your world.

A personal tarot reading can pick up on your behaviour, the patterns in your past and present relationships, you can take this information to make changes to help you gain a better understanding of yourself. You can find relief in knowing that difficulties will be resolved, or you might gain the confidence in yourself to let things go and move forward.

Whilst the information provided in a tarot reading can help you to gain strength, self-awareness and hope, what you choose to do with that is up to you. It does not guarantee your life will change, you will need to make decisions and choices, the reading will provide you with information to help you remove doubts, blockages and negativity in your life that are stopping you from being who you really are.

Ron is available for phone or Zoom readings, just book a reading and let me know if you want it by Zoom, I will set it up and send you the link the day prior to your appointment, if you would prefer to have a phone reading please supply your contact number.

Psychic Tarot readings

  • 30-minute reading $65
  • 45-minute reading $85

Ron is available for party and group bookings.

Disclaimer: I do not provide medical, financial or legal advice.